Megan – Spring Surprises & Proof of Permanent Change

The lion of March is still roaring in my life but it did help to prove I have had a shift due to the VIVA Clean Eating Challenge. First, was some work travel where I was still focused on fruit and veggies – no meal without one or both!

Next up was spring break! Some of my favorite memories as a kid happened during spring break so I made a promise to always make time for fun during my kids’ spring break. This year included visitors in town and playing local tourists! We hosted a lot of meals in our home always with produce – paella with even parts with peppers, peas, and onions to the rice, grilled asparagus, and creative salads. All the fruit was served separately or in a pretty fruit salad. Watermelon was always there but mangos, raspberries, strawberries, and pineapple are also family favorites. Apples and bananas always offer quick solutions too. The produce continued aboard a 3-night cruise – yes, I still had pizza but I was so pleased and tuned in to what kind and how much fresh produce was always available. Similar to a glass of water per cocktail, I made a rule of produce per meal/snack! And it helped my kids follow suit. I think we ate more apples with pizza than anyone on the ship!

While on the cruise my dad had and is continuing to have a major health issue. As a part of caring and supporting my family, I grocery shop, prep, and cook. The man has never been a fan of veggies but fruit, he loves fruit. Repeat the fruit salads of the week prior, for all of us and him when he could. His one veggie is sugar snaps peas and although I ate them, I tried to get him to take a bite. The amount of heavy dishes arriving for us was overwhelming so I made a big pan of sauteed veggies as a base for a small piece of lasagna or baked ziti. It has helped my gut stay healthy while my heart is hurting.

Although I did not connect as much with my produce peers as I set out to do with this program (my fault), I can say the CEC has created a permanent change in my life. From happy to hard times, I feel the difference making produce the priority can have on your life. Have I lost a lot of weight? No, but I do feel better having a fun, attainable, and beneficial goal in my daily diet. If you read these, check out the program, and think maybe, just do it. Jen from FullTilt it great, all of the coaches are very supportive, the nutrition calls are so insightful, and the comradery is there. Even if you just stalk the Slack occasionally! I am so grateful for my time in the CEC and so thankful for this permanent change.

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