About Clean Eating Challenge

The Clean Eating Challenge represents the basic idea that a diet rich in fruits and vegetables is widely accepted as a tool to improve health. As fruit and vegetable producers, marketers and industry advocates we hold the very tools to improve the lives of millions. What started as a mission driven education idea to follow 4 industry members in 2019 as they embarked on a lifestyle change, inspired hundreds of other industry members to take the challenge to “walk the walk, not just talk the talk.” It is our hope that our industry can do more than champion the consumption of fruits and vegetables, but model the very lifestyle behaviors that will be critical to change the health and wellness of a nation.
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The Viva Fresh Clean Eating Challenge was originally associated with the 2020 Viva Fresh Expo and resulted in the inspiring conclusion of 4 participants who each experienced significant weight loss and health improvements. The reveal event concluded with a call to action for industry participants for the new Clean Eating Challenge 2.0 recruiting industry members to accept the challenge. New participants were eager to signup and get ready to eat more fruits and vegetables and make lifelong lifestyle changes.

We’ve recruited participants from throughout the entire produce industry and now you get to follow their journey to a healthier lifestyle! Participants are not expected to lose any set amount of weight or follow any specific diet or exercise routine. Our program asks participants to adopt a healthier lifestyle that includes eating more fruits and vegetables and moving more.

Disclaimer: TIPA acknowledges we are not in the business of diet and weight loss and we are not qualified to offer health or fitness advice. TIPA is in the business of advocating for the increased consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables. TIPA will provide access to a variety of resource tools and support, but each participant is be responsible for seeking the necessary medical and expert advice related to their own health and well-being.

Eat Better, Move More, Change Your Life