Patrick – Bouncing Back

OMG, what a 30 days!! I felt that January was the sick month inside the Kelly household. I think there was one week where one of us was not sick, but we all bounced around a nasty cold literally the entire month! This was challenging because when we are sick we tend not to eat or just eat anything that fills our stomachs. It was extremely  tough for me over the last 30 days as I couldn’t smell, my throat was hurting and my tastebuds were off. I tried to up my intake of VITAMIN C through juicing oranges and eating as many tangerines as I could. I also switched some of my meals with soup, but not just chicken noodle soup, but soups with more protein and flavor in it. A couple that I had were Tortilla Soup and Crab and Corn chowder that were different than my normal sick person diet. My wife asked me how I am eating all of this while I am sick and I told her I wanted to make sure I still got the right food in my body on top of hydration packs, vitamin C gummies and cough syrup!!!  During this challenge it has taught me not to be lazy in my efforts to secure the right food for my body. Regardless if you’re sick or you are just having a bad day, make the conscious decision on what to eat. Do not just go with what is quick and easy, go with what will make your body feel better.
Working with our nutritionist Meredith she has been showing me ways of getting more protein in my diets, how to create a better flow during my day with work and my workouts. It is easy to jump from one project to another without eating (snacking only) will create bad habits. Meredith has helped guide the day with how and when to snack, savory meals in the morning, and create a well balance meal through healthy and clean eating. As I move towards the end of this challenge, I have realized the lifestyle I have created within the challenge can move towards a lifestyle goal to keep moving towards a healthier version of myself year over year. I look forward to not being sick the next 30 days to report back, but I am proud to say that I made it through a tough time and still managed to keep my eating habits on point.

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