Ashley – Good Habits

Hello everyone! November is in the books, and while there’s always plenty of work still to be done, there have definitely been some wins this month. 

One focus for me has been staying on top of my grocery shopping so that I always have my favorite fruits and vegetables in the house – particularly ones that can fill those distracted, multi-tasking eating occasions. Cherry tomatoes on the vine and berries are two examples. I’ll eat those tomatoes out of hand for breakfast while I fire up the laptop, and berries satisfy my sweet tooth when I’m winding down in the evening. Both items honestly feel a little indulgent because they are premium products, so they taste amazing and they cost more than their standard counterparts. But how worth it to be eating more food that actually serves as high-quality fuel for my body and mind!  

One good habit that I’m proud to have continued is small-group strength classes four days a week – as of this writing, I am 35 weeks pregnant with twins (38 weeks is the goal, the docs tell me) and still maintaining that routine. For me it’s a great reminder that the hardest part of healthy habits is establishing them. Once you get through the early months, those practices become automatic, where it actually feels uncomfortable not to do them. I schedule everything else around those classes, and they’re one of the best investments of time and money that I’ve ever made.

One area I’m still working on is keeping foods out of the house that aren’t particularly beneficial. It’s just too easy to go that direction – instead of to healthy options – in the middle of or at the end of a long day. What I want to continue improving on is putting barriers between me and the foods I want to consume less of and knocking down barriers between me and the foods I want to consume more of.

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