Ashley – The Power of A Great Referral

Thanks to Google, anyone with a cell phone has millions of recipes available at their fingertips, so finding healthy recipes that also taste good should always be a breeze, right? Sometimes that works just fine, but much more compelling for me – the method that has actually helped me add to my healthy recipe repertoire – has been word-of-mouth recommendations from people or groups that I know. It’s just better to hear from someone I trust that the time and money required for the meal will be well spent. 

This came to mind as I added broccoli and red onions to my online shopping cart last week. I bought those items because I wanted to replicate part of the dish that our Viva Fresh Clean Eating Challenge group made together during our recent virtual cooking class. Having Stacey – the dietitian working with our group – walk us through the recipe made it so approachable, and the experience of the group visiting and laughing throughout the process made it memorable also. 

I share this takeaway because I believe it can be helpful both for those of us working to improve our own health and for those of us looking for ways to encourage shoppers to do the same by eating more fruits and vegetables. What are the opportunities for suppliers and retailers to be that trusted voice for the consumer and make trying new healthy recipes easy and fun? The possibilities are endless. I’m enjoying thinking through all the ways to apply this learning in my own life and beyond, and I hope you do, too. Thanks so much for following along with the journey of our group, and have a great week!  

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