Blair Butterworth_November

I am a few weeks into the challenge and I will admit…I’ve had some slip ups. However that will not detour me from my personal end goal…which is to get back into the shape I was in pre-pandemic and to get back into the kitchen! 

Within these first 2 weeks I have lost 5 pounds by simply getting my steps in and not so simply giving up my favorite beverage of choice, Pinot Noir. 

This coming week my company is taking a trip to Las Vegas for a sales strategy meeting. Being the Marketing Manager naturally I made all the dinner/catering reservations. That allowed me to review all the menus and make meal decisions before even getting there! I also made sure I have access to the gym and recruited some coworkers to work out with me in the mornings.

Looking forward to continually see positive results for the duration of this challenge!

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