Bruce – Changing My Habits

Hard to believe that two months have passed since I started with the clean eating challenge. I have changed my habits so much and it is amazing how much better I feel. I am pretty lucky because my dog likes to take our trips around the garden so every hour or so she starts aggravating me wanting to go for a walk. In the past I would literally be at my desk for hours without getting up. I feel like just watching what I eat and reading the labels trying to make better choices has a lot of impact. Adding fruits and vegetables has diversified the meat lovers omelet to ham, cheese, mushroom, onions, and spinach. It is a conscious effort to add some vegetables to everything because I really liked meat and cheese. Making sure to get my steps in and slowly working my way up in steps (with the exception of our Hilton visitors  award night with 14000 steps)  have all given me an awesome push to continue to lose weight. Big struggle with the New York Produce Show. Tons of food, breakfast meetings and dinners with clients not to mention the receptions and all the food and drinks that the Big Apple had to offer. Thank goodness we got lost a lot and walked in circles for 16 blocks. Did you know that the Hilton has three Hiltons within two miles of each other in NY? We told google to give us directions to the Hilton and of course visited the other two before ours. I tried to make good choices at the show and made it back only 4/10ths of a pound more than my departure weight. Good news I was able to kick that 4/10ths of a pound pretty quick after my return. That is the story for November, but the results are pretty awesome. I went to the doctor today for my normal checkup with blood work and everything. My good cholesterol was low, and they said get more exercise to bring that up but Triglycerides, Cholesterol, Glucose all improved and back in normal range. I have some more to do on A1C but it is getting better and close to being normal. Mine was a 6 and it needed to be 5.8 so not terrible. I just wanted to say thank you to everyone on my team for the help. I see all the text of your meals and your exercise, and it just makes me want to do that much better so I can keep up with everyone. I feel like I can’t let up because I want to do good for the team. Thank you again and great job everyone. Keep it up so when we get to Viva Fresh they know our team did the best. Leave nothing for interpretation!!!

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