Danny – November

November was my first full month of clean eating. I was able to get into a good routine of meal prep and replacing bad food with fruits and vegetables. My go to breakfast was still oats and blueberries, with an addition of a banana as a snack. Lunch started to get better. Along with meal prep the family was getting into the fresh challenge and eating meals with lean meats and multiple vegetables. This made taking leftovers really convenient. 

My daughter also started high school wrestling. Our new eating plan has really helped her as well. We are not on a diet. We are eating what our body wants. She has seen the benefits of the challenge in physical stamina and losing weight in a very healthy way. 

I have noticed a change physically as November is coming to a close. I started this challenge at 295lbs. Now just over a month I have lost 15lbs without counting calories or starving myself. I hope to keep this trend up as I give my body what it needs rather than empty calories and fast food. 

In December I hope to continue meal prep and trying new snack ideas. We are going to try and make healthy pizza options and clean eating receipts for out other favorite foods. 

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