Franco – Kicking Off the CEC!

Going to the Viva Fresh Expo over the past few years, I saw the Clean Eating Challenge announcements, the participants, and their results. Never gave it a thought that I would take an interest in it, let alone apply and join. I consider myself active and somewhat fit, but my eating habits and diet were never something I could stick to. A few weeks here and there or a month at most before I would break and binge on junk food or late-night fast food and then would spiral and never get back on track.

I have always “known” that I need to be healthier and make better choices when it comes to food, but I did not fully come to that realization until I was in a car accident a few months ago that left me with herniated discs in my back. While at the doctor’s office, I decided to go ahead and get some bloodwork done and learned that though I am not currently pre-diabetic, the doctor told me that can all change quickly because I am at a higher predisposition due to my family’s medical history. So, that prompted me to start this journey and join this challenge. No doubt it will be a challenge not only working through and changing my diet/eating habits, but also finding and learning my limits as to what I am able to do physically. I have exercised doing CrossFit and I am a CrossFit coach. In this program we learn and teach cross training from Olympic lifts to gymnastics, biking, running, high intensity interval training (HIIT) and more. At the moment, I don’t know what I can and cannot do, but look forward to adapt with my body. With that, eating clean and healthier will be even more important to not just doing this for 6 months, but making a whole lifestyle change going forward for the rest of my life.

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