Jeffrey Kleypas – December

The holidays are upon us and so is that mad dash to the finish line with tying up loose ends on the business and personal front going into the end of the calendar year.  With that has brought many challenges to “eat clean”.  I joined Noom for extra motivation and assistance on changing my mental perspective around food and eating and it has definitely helped.  However, It is very easy to fall back into that old method of convenience eating.  After having a good first few weeks and losing weight through eating better choices, looking at portion size, and trying to move a little more, I have now reached a plateau and have even regressed some on the entire process.  I am looking forward to Christmas and seeing how I mentally make it through with all the food tempting me.  I am not planning to eliminate, but definitely have to remember moderation.  I believe all of us are guilty of being exposed to and enjoying some of our all time favorite foods this time of the year, but I am definitely looking to see what changes I can bring by adding more healthy options to the meal for everyone at the table.  Here’s to wishing everyone a Merry Christmas and healthy eating into the new year.

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