Jessica – Back to the Grind

My focus for this month is to keep up the good work and stay motivated! February has been fun with all the challenges thrown at us by our coaches, and I must say, it’s kept me on my toes. I’m grateful for all the challenges that have made me active, even if I had to walk around my house on rainy days to hit my step goals. But, hey, every step counts, right? This month, I’m going to keep pushing myself and stay committed to my fitness goals.

After a two-year break from traveling, my husband and I have decided to resume both our work and personal travels. Over the years, I developed a fear of flying, combined with a fear of leaving my youngest at home. I am determined to overcome this fear and not let it control my life anymore.

To prepare for next month’s travel, I have been working hard on improving my mental health by remaining active.

I am looking forward to this year’s work travels. I know that it will not be easy, but I am ready to face my fears and make the most of this opportunity. I am determined to get back to the grind and enjoy every moment of it.

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