Jessica – Managing Life Situations

Hi everyone, I’m reporting from sunny California and I’m excited to be back on this journey with all of you. It’s the first month of our clean-eating challenge and I’m thrilled that I decided to join. I’ve had a challenging couple of weeks at work, but I’m grateful for our community on Slack. Your posts, challenges, and photos of delicious food have motivated me to stay on track. Despite my long work hours, it’s been helpful to be accountable to this community and to be mindful of what I eat when lunch is provided. Additionally, getting my daily steps in has helped me manage my stress levels. I’m surprised that I’ve grown to enjoy exercising in the morning more than at night, and I’m happy that my husband has joined me on this journey. This challenge has arrived at the perfect time and is teaching me that life will have its ups and downs, and it’s important to learn how to handle these situations. With the holidays approaching, I’m looking forward to having the support of this community to help me resist any temptations that may arise.

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