Jim – Why-Power vs. Will-Power

A Black-Friday Blog.   Reflecting on the previous week and looking ahead to December, January, February.

I image for many folks,  November through February can be a challenging time to sustain and build upon physical fitness and healthy habits that were developed over the warmer summer months.   It has certainly proven to be a challenge for me.   Colder temperatures, less outside activity, and many-many weeks of wonderful family-friend social events combine into a formidable headwind for healthy habits.  Overcoming these headwinds will take a deliberate day-by-day fresh perspective on the “Why”.    Today is the day after Thanksgiving.   So how did yesterday go?


  • Start: 6:45 am 25-mile bike ride with 17 “Lititz-Crew”,  great ride, great company
  • Smaller meal portions spaced throughout the day…
  • With lots of activity/exercise worked in.
  • Lite on the carbs
  • and enjoyed the pumpkin pie

 Now, heading into December – January – February:

  • Can I make a shift from being a ‘Foodie’ to being a ‘Fuelie’?
  • The ‘Why-Power’ can be stronger than the ‘Will-Power’

Thanksgiving day, early am bike ride with the Lititz Crew.  (3 year tradition: 16 riders this year)

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