Lindsey – The Holidays

Holiday season is upon me, and I feel as if I am being pulled in 100 directions. Holiday parties, family gatherings, and travel is truly testing me this time of year- not only on the CEC front, but also in an emotional way.

I feel like our food system is systemically broken, and I am struggling with that thought daily. Why is that the foods that are the worst for us are chemically designed to make us addicted to them? In yesterday’s nutrition call I learned that we really do put “Contaminants” in our food. I do not understand how we, as a country, allow that to happen. I am passionate about leading a healthier life though food and proper nutrition, that’s making these changes doable for me. However, I think about the years of living in ignorance or thinking about my past choices, day after day, only to realize the chronic impact it would have on me later in life. I really am stuck on that fact. I realize I can only control myself and my own health, but I feel depressed at the state our communities are in.

During yesterday’s nutrition call we also spoke about how loosely regulated our supplements industry is, and what you are intaking may not be what you think it is. I just feel sad about not knowing about what to believe, or not trusting companies, or getting anxiety about what I am putting in my body and what others are as well.

This Holiday season, my goal is going be to indulge in the foods that make me feel good and try to spread that in a loving way to my family. I want to volunteer to cook healthy meals for our holiday gatherings, encourage us to go on walks in the snow, and live a healthier life as a community. If we can impact those around us to make healthier decisions, our own path will be easier as well.

Yesterday’s call was needed, as it is a reminder of how important our nutrition is, and how we need to advocate for ourselves, every day, even in small ways. For me it’s the little choices. Dealing with my impulsive tendencies becomes easier when I begin to recognize the damage my food choices can cause.


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