Mayra – March Veggies madness 🥬 🍄 🌵

We are so close to the finish line… but are we really though? I’m excited to say this clean eating challenge is officially a lifestyle change for me. I have shared my love for veggies throughout this 6 month journey we all committed to and I’m excited to share that my commitment to making healthier choices every meal is for a lifetime. The past 5 months have been filled with energy and a happier outlook on things thanks to how I’ve improved nurturing my body. I was missing an important factor in every diet I have tried…water. It almost sounds silly that 60-75% (based on articles I’ve read) of our body is made up of water, yet I was only consuming 8-10 oz. daily…if that! Every diet speaks of nutrients but lacks information about hydration. Whoa! Water has been a game changer for me! I’m now at 100+oz. of water intake a daily.  I have always known how necessary it is to hydrate your body but have just been lazy about doing so. Every headache I have ever had, which are not many, I would drink water knowing my body was telling me I wasn’t hydrating enough and instead of popping a pill, I found water to be the cure of my headaches. Win win! I’m super excited to share I have dropped 4 units daily intake (50%) of my long lasting insulin thanks to this lifelong commitment I’ve made to myself.

This challenge is only as good as you make it. It’s hard to challenge yourself without others to inspire you. In this case, the Viva clean eating challenge offers you great mentors that have been through the challenge and can speak firsthand about it and help guide you along this amazing 6 month journey. In my case, one of my mentors is living with the same autoimmune disease as me and has inspired me to learn more about my condition to reduce my chances of complications in the future. I also had the opportunity to chat with a lovely lady that struggles with yet another autoimmune disease but you would never know it if she didn’t tell you her story. My takeaway from our conversation is health is everything…without it, we can’t work, travel, laugh, love, etc. so let’s slow down and not let work take over our lives. Another important takeaway is that food IS medicine. I’m more intrigued now, more than ever to continue this journey on my own because I can!

Happy Eater to all! Happy veggie hunting!

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