Mayra – Saying I Do Once More!

Time to commit to a new chapter in my life, yet again…

February has been a rollercoaster ride of emotions. It’s hard enough for all of us to handle quick emotional shifts in our lives, but I have to say that I have more and more love and respect  for my fellow diabetics after all I went through this week.

My original goal was to lose at least 10lbs by my wedding when I started this clean eating challenge. Well, 3 months in and my weight definitely fluctuated but I fell short 5lbs. from meeting my goal. It wasn’t that I wasn’t eating healthy, it was more about my diabetes playing a trick on me. I come to realize that the older I get, the more sensitive my diabetes is to external factors such as stress, mood swings and such. What does that mean? That I now have yet another challenge that I have to focus on along with my healthy eating lifestyle change.  February as I mentioned previously is officially one of the most important months of my life as I am now making another commitment…marriage. I never realized how nervous I would be on the day of my wedding and much less did I know how it would affect my glucose levels. At times I was more sensitive to insulin than others. I know my stress levels were affecting me but how do you tell your body to work with you? Well, my diabetes definitely worked against me this whole weekend.

My takeaway from this weekend: I must work on learning how to manage my emotions no matter how intense the situation at hand gets. I realize this week was intense and it’s not the norm but I must be ready for any other events like such so that I don’t alter my A1C. I now look forward to more of a routine that still includes a bit of “manageable stress” and work yet again on lowering my A1C. This weekend I’ll get back to my workout routine, next week my work routine and of course the main routine I have to manage is my healthy eating routine.

Once again I say “I Do” to committing to focus on me and staying healthy!

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