Mayra – Temptation is not an option!

November is the month to give thanks and spend quality time with family while gathering around the kitchen and dinner table and enjoying the flavors of the world. Cooking in our culture is a way to bond w/ family and friends during the holidays. The scents of sweet Mexican bread, tamales, fruit punch and decadent dishes during the holidays can be tempting…so how do we handle such temptation during this challenge?

I have decided that my choice to make a lifestyle change is just that…for life, not only for this challenge. After having our mentors walk us though their experience though this same challenge, they provided great advise. I am happy to say that my love for vegetables helps me look forward to cooking delicious options that will be part of my family’s Thanksgiving dinner this year. Potluck dinners are the best as I am able to cook healthy options and not be limited to what others cook. Thanksgiving dinner is special, but that is because we get to spend time w/ family, it does not necessarily mean that we should get off focus from our end goal.

Delicious veggie recipes are endless and having access to fruits and vegetables in my business makes it even easier to come up with healthy and delicious dinner options.

I am thankful for all the support of our mentors and our nutritionist and most of all, thankful for having access to and endless amount of vegetables and a true passion to make this a lifestyle change!

…Food IS medicine!

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