Megan – Happy Planksgiving

Every November my yoga studio celebrates Planksgiving and I have mixed emotions. First off, I often have a trade show the beginning of the month so I start behind working up to the three minute plank. Last year I actually hurt myself. This year I am trying to embrace it although my neck and shoulder are not in agreement! Ultimately, I am using it as an opportunity to be mindful and thankful during this crazy, food heavy month. Planksgiving also comes with the requirement of 15 yoga classes throughout the month which is lofty with travel and school on break for a week. My husband and I have built in time to walk to and from our Thanksgiving celebration, possibly twice depending on naps for the kids! We are also being mindful of hitting our steps goal on days we can’t get a good workout in. It helps manage our roommates’ energy as well.

And then there’s the eating! I am trying to focus on the basics. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate – between snacks, drinks, and everything else. I am also trying to always remember produce first, as everyone should everyday! No meal should be without some produce and when possible all produce and not so much cream and cheese. I am fasting as many days as possible as well. I am trying to remember there is not a cheat day or meal but just a bite. Lastly, am I hungry? It never ceases to amazing me the answer when I actually think about it as I am taking a bite!

Back to the yoga studio, around the Planksgiving sign people write things they are thankful for. It includes peace, family, sunshine, ladybugs and everything in between. I have so much to be thankful for and I am so grateful. My husband, kids, family, friends, my yoga practice, and my career that encourages involvement in programs like the CEC. I also believe in balance and I will be grateful for my Mom’s Pumpkin Chiffon Pie on Thanksgiving Day by savoring each bite! Happy Thanksgiving!

P.S. The hard part is next month – Christmas eating can be the month not just a day!

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