Nathan – Just Do Better

Hi all! We are about a month in on the CEC and things are going well! My big goal for this challenge is to just do better.  Eat cleaner, exercise, portion control, cut out the unnecessary sugars, and so on.  I was paired with an awesome team! I feel like my team members are a few steps ahead of me in their health journey, but it is a great motivation to me to eat better meals and be more active.

One of the biggest focuses I’ve had over the past few weeks as we dive into this challenge is using a “good, better, best” method on my eating choices. When planning out meals and shopping, I try to determine what meals and foods are good for me, better, and best and choose as many “best” options as I can.  I am trying new recipes and going out of my way to be more active.  And I feel so much better! Looking forward to this next month and the improvements that come with it!   

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