Oscar – Holiday Blues

Food, Family & Shopping
November for me is typically the hardest month to keep weight off & stay clean. To kick off & to get ahead of the massive amounts of eating as expected, I went on challenged myself a little more for the first time for all November I have eaten salads all week long for my lunches even when traveling that was my lunch. In return I have lost 4 pounds in November doesn’t sound like much but my work & personal routines have been about the same. With that expectation set during thanksgiving I challenged myself to only eat half of what I usually eat, that was no seconds limited sides & 1 dessert. with all set and done thanks giving day was a success didn’t over eat & my eating cycle was not off the following days, I have also started exploring seeds & seasonings (my new friends) i have always been aware of alternatives for protein & carbs but seeds have really impressed me on how much they provide for little amount, never the less still take lots of discipline to just eat this as snack as compared to the latter. breakfasts have consisted of overnight oats (berries/apples/banana) this have been extra helpful for those days I skip lunch. another update on my schedule for November has been my gym schedule , I have now gone from 3 to 5 days per week increasing cardio workouts, this has been very reliving to my morning routine as i am fully awake by the time i get to my office. i don’t post much on media but believe me i am keeping up with eating healthy & the app is good to keep all check & updated

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