Patrick – Last 30 Days

As we complete March the last 30 days was the craziest month I have had throughout the Clean Eating Challenge and let me tell you why? Event planning, kid’s sports, doctor appointments, my own work out schedule, work, volunteer, spouse life and dad life hit system overload. After a couple months of a large pain in my neck and back, I finally got results on what has been going on with my body! Results came in and my c6 and c7 in my back were bulging. Well with that my workouts went down; my clean eating went out the window and my appetite was just not what it was.

I quickly scheduled a call with our nutritionist Meredith to get some tips and tricks on getting out of this slump and what to eat/ drink when I don’t want to. I also had my coaches constantly reaching out via text, slack and phone calls asking “how they can help and sending me ideas on how to train during this time, what to eat and how to get over some of these challenges.”

As I start to close out the Month of March is was an amazing month of failures and successes. From being extremely busy and overwhelmed to knowing that life hits us harder some weeks and days more than others. What I realized was “FOCUS” – only we have the decision on what to put in our bodies and in March I had some extra food and drink I traditionally wouldn’t consume. But in moderations they are okay, and I’m back to eating clean again as we fulfill the next month of the challenge. Thank you to my team and supporters.

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