Patrick – 50%+

As I have completed the first month of the #CEC I have been making small changes to my diet when eating throughout the day! My goal is to bring 50% of fruits and vegetables to my plate even when it comes to those fun meals like breakfast and snacks in the car. I have made a conscious choice to add a little bit more to plate each day. For breakfast I have been adding more fruits to my oatmeal and apples with my sandwiches at lunch!!! What seems to be there is nothing to eat becomes, what are my options? Choosing the right option at the right time will help make the decision.

Throughout the month there were many challenges such as kids getting the flu and traveling, but I made sure that I kept myself and even some of my team members accountable!!! When I traveled, I packed a banana and more packable fruits for the plane /uber rides. Now these small changes are happening every once in a while, not every day!!!! I am hoping as I continue with this group I can be kept accountable for sustaining fruits and vegetables in every meal throughout the year.

Over the next month I plan to incorporate new fruits and veggies in my meal and when I crave sweets, I can grab a fruit pastry or a juice drink. Here is to Thanksgiving and giving THANKS TO MY BODY!!!

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