Patrick – Seeing Food in A Different Way

As I move into the third month of the CEC it has challenged me to look at the food I’m eating in a different way. Maintaining a clean eating lifestyle involves making conscious choices to prioritize your foods and trying to minimize processed foods. This is truly tough having 3 kids and always being on the go, but to do this I’ve had to change the way I look at what goes in my body. I had my first call with our nutritionist discussing snacks throughout the day that contain yogurt, whole grains and nuts instead of chips and cookies that don’t sit well on the stomach. Over the last month I have caught myself reading labels for ingredients, limiting the amount of caffeine and choosing healthy options such as Avocados with Healthy fats vs processed snacks. All of this being said it is hard, it is hard to maintain a lifestyle that is not easy. To work on yourself and body you must take the time and put the energy into making that change.

As I sit thinking about how to be mindful when I eat, I still must listen to my body on what it needs and how I need to move forward. You might ask what does that mean? Today I sit with leftovers from last night (meal prep), minimal processed snacks and consistently drinking water and adding in proteins and carbs when needed after workouts and exercise. HOLY GUACAMOLE………that in itself is a lot and takes time from your day! But, if there is one thing, we need to invest in is our mind, body and soul. See you next month.

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