Patrick – Snacking Changes

Crazy to think how my snacking has changed over the last 3 months. Even though I have always eaten healthy, my snacking sometimes depended on what the kids would grab or what they would eat!!! My wife even told me she has noticed a change in the way I snack. Many times, at night time my sweet tooth would kick in and I would want some peanut M&M’s as I lay in bed watching TV. This has completely changed. I noticed it just the other night when I was crazing something sweet right before bed. I went to the fridge and looked around, then looked in the pantry. I said to myself “STOP” you don’t need any of this you just want it! I grabbed the yogurt out of the fridge, threw a handful of blueberries and granola in a bowl and was completely satisfied…..and full!!! It was so much better than the M&M’s that I used to eat months ago!

Through our nutritionist and coach, they have helped me create a new savory diet that has made me full and satisfied throughout the day. Before I was having issues eating all day, but now with adding in tomatoes, avocados and salmon in the morning has created a diet that has made me satisfied. I am excited to keep the clean eating going over the next few months as we approach VIVA FRESH and bring our industry together!

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