Lindsey – We’re Halfway There

Happy New Year! Wow, I cannot believe the CEC has hit the halfway mark. I am noticing some differences in my life, with being more conscious about what I am putting in my body.

Travelling did make the holidays a little tricky, but I was able to maintain my weight, AND exercise at least 4 times a week this past month. I was fortunate enough to use my sister’s Peloton bike, as well as her Peloton treadmill. You could say I was a little spoiled😊

One thing I am starting to notice is how I am craving these workouts! I also have more energy during my soccer games, which may be due to my diet changes. I am not sure, but there may be a correlation.

Team M&M had a meeting this past week, where we got to meet with our team, and discuss our journey with CEC so far. I love the small meeting format, and we discussed having the small groups every two weeks. We were also challenged to try 1 new thing a week. This week, I signed up for a 6 month long adult Tap-Dancing class-with a few of my coworkers. I am looking forward to this class, and I am excited to bond with some of the others at the office. With New Year resolutions, our conversations are often about our health and wellness right now in the office, which is great.

Over the next month, I plan to get back in at the doctor’s office for a new blood panel, as I have been taken off one of my medications to see if it has any positive effects on my iron levels. I am curious to see the impact on my cholesterol, as well as my inflammation marker.

The new year is looking hopeful, and I am hoping these new habits stick. I am working on making this way of eating and taking care of myself my way of life, and not just a phase😊


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