Angie – Balance

Balancing fast pace of our industry- traveling – trade shows and healthy habits.
I started my journey into the produce business 6 months ago, and besides all the fun and continuous learning of an industry that never has a dull day, comes the journey of balancing passion for getting things done without forgetting to take care of “my temple”, as many people, refer to the body.
For years I have loved nutrition, and have somehow self educated about helping my body to reconstruct and heal, with a balanced lifestyle. So, I’m not a stranger to a healthy lifestyle, I am a stranger to getting it done at the same pace that this industry mandates. Finding the CEC, was the perfect opportunity to get the much needed support and guidance to do it!
After 2 amazing trade shows and 3 weeks of following a few suggestions from coaches and other challenge members, I finally lost 10 pounds (which I’ve gained without noticing during the last 6 months), I am back at the gym working out, at least 3 days a week, and I am feeling more like myself again.
For the upcoming months, I’m determined to not only lose weight, but to gain muscle mass, to improve my cholesterol levels (that thanks to this challenge I found a little higher than optimal), and to inspire my family and friends to join a healthier journey with the fun that comes with exploring different ways to eat more fruits and vegetables.

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