Angie – Keeping It Simple

The holiday season in the produce industry is nothing short of a whirlwind, starting with the GPFS in October and culminating with the New York Produce Show in December. Sandwiched in between is the much-anticipated Kick-off of the Nogales season in November, a time of excitement and intense activity for those involved in the industry.

A Grateful Reflection:

As the holidays unfolded, I am pleased to report that, despite the crazy agenda, I succeeded, lived, and continued the Clean Eating Challenge, which at one point appeared to be unsustainable. In a reflective tone, I cannot find the correct words to express the gratitude I feel for the unwavering support received from nutritionists and coaches, who are a real “support system” in this challenge.

Lessons Learned:

The key takeaway from this Clean Eating Challenge experience is the value of simplicity. During a hectic schedule, I discovered that keeping things simple was the secret to sustaining a healthy lifestyle. One pot of nourishing soup and a variety of readily available fruits and vegetables became the cornerstone of my dietary choices (celery sticks, apples, baby carrots, etc.. simple and ready to go). The mantra shifted from adhering strictly to a rulebook to finding joy in the simplicity of fresh produce. Perfection isn’t the goal, developing amazing dishes, it does make the journey more fun, but the prize to feel better shouldn’t be hard, and fresh produce give us that. The best way to stay clean is to keep it simple. So, I have decided to “sustain” my commitment to the Clean Eating Challenge for the choice to embrace a lifestyle, and approach clean eating as a journey rather than a destination.

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