Ashley – December

Focus on function

As a young adult, my default rule of eating could be summed up as follows: the busier and more stressful the day, the poorer the food choices. I had a lot of busy days, and I made a lot of poor food choices. For the most part, those choices were easy to justify as little moments of comfort in the chaos.

Thankfully, in more recent years I’ve developed a different pattern. The more demanding the circumstances, the more intentional I become about making better food choices. I learned that what I eat and drink plays a huge role in whether I get run down and sick, and that was a highly motivating realization. Being on the road frequently for trade shows is what hammered home the importance of proactively taking care of my body (lots of water, food that serves as good fuel, and sleep) no matter how grueling the schedule.

The past week – end of December, beginning of January – was another great reminder of how vegetables and fruits deliver for our bodies. While in the hospital following the birth of my twins, I took advantage of the room service menu to get mushrooms and onions in my breakfast omelets, to load up on broccoli and green bean and fresh fruit sides, and of course to munch on my favorite cherry tomatoes that I packed for the occasion. Back home from the hospital, I’ve continued to prioritize fruits and vegetables and limit more than usual the more indulgent food items.

All this to say that focusing on function – “What can this food do for me?” – has been helpful in my journey these last several weeks. I’ve also continued to enjoy our group’s conversation and hearing what everyone else has been doing this holiday season. Having accountability, camaraderie and conversation around healthy eating has helped me keep it top of mind even in a busy season of life. 

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