Marcia – Binge Eating

I am guilty.  I am a consumer.  I am easily swayed.  These are my excuses as I am eating my 7th cookie. 

It doesn’t taste good, the ingredients have unpronounceable words, packaging is very shiny and there are many, many advertisements telling me, “it’s ok.” We are deluged by propaganda from our TVs, cell phones, computers, and social media.  Families dunking the cookie in the milk and to me that means, it’s good for you, you can eat it, it’s wholesome – go get some!  Back in the day it was a jingle that would remind me to buy an Oreo or Oscar Meyer but now it’s images and that is much stronger, more subconscious, motivator.  I am a product of my society.

Here are my reasons for eating the 7th cookie:

  • I am too tired; 10 hour works days is not conducive to cooking.
  • I do not want to wash a bunch of dishes.
  • It’s just this one time.
  • I will walk an extra mile for the 7th cookie, tomorrow.
  • How bad can it be?

While living abroad I did not have access to grocery stores, fast food, or restaurants.  I cooked every day, had a vegetable and fruit garden and no problem with my weight.  That was the way it was for most of the country and guess what, it was an anomaly to see an overweight person.

I also try and not be too tough on myself and allow one day a week where I can make some alternative food decisions, like, order a pizza, eat some ice cream, or have another beer. 

I find if I am just a little more rigorous with my diet, cook every evening at home and bring leftovers for lunch, I am happier, alleviate indigestion and sleep better.  I also, spend less money on food and that’s always good for my pocketbook.

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