Brett – Changing My Healthstyle

Time to get serious about change….

In 2024 I will enter my 50’s. My late 40’s has not treated me well when it comes to health. I had to start wearing glasses 2 years ago, my back was getting gradually worse which lowered my exercise level near non-existent and last year, then in my annual checkup by cholesterol skyrockets in a single year.

As this year has progressed, I had to start making changes in my healthstyle (Yes Healthstyle, My lifestyle wont change, I love my life and the style my wife and kids bring to it). When the Clean Eating Challenge (CEC) entry came across my inbox I immediate said “This is what I need!”

A few months back I read (well listened) to a book named Comfort Crisis written by Michael Easter. This book started connecting dots for me; move more eat better. I knew the CEC would help me go down the path I want and connected in this book. I am not a gym type guy; I love outdoor activity CEC challenges you in a group setting to do the exercise that fits you best and Comfort Crisis only has a few rules 1) Push yourself 2) Have fun 3) Don’t die. When it comes to food side of things, the less ingredients the better or strive to eat single ingredient foods.

My first 3 weeks of CEC have not only been fun razing longtime friends in Produce but meeting new ones who are in this journey with you. The first three weeks I have traveled more than I have been home, and the influence has been strong. As I look for food on the road, I am constantly looking for the healthier alternative and thinking…” Damn it, what would my fellow CEC folks say to me if I ate that Whataburger with Cheese.?”

Looking forward to this journey, eat clean get out and move!

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