Gabe – New Year, New Accomplishments

I cannot believe it is already 2024! January officially marks the halfway point of the Clean Eating challenge! This has been an incredible and amazing journey so far… I cannot believe how the time is flying by. Every year, my wife the kids and myself make New Year resolutions- writing them down and placing them on the fridge. At the end of the year, before we write our new ones, we look at the ones from last year and see what we have and have not accomplished… For the last four years, I have put down that I would eat better and exercise more in an effort to get healthier…. Sadly, to say, I have never been able to check that one off… UNTIL NOW!!!… It feels like such an achievement to actually be accomplishing something that I have wanted to do for so long! On February 7th, I turn 40 years old. I did not want to reach 40 looking and feeling the way I did before the CEC. I felt miserable and depressed. Ask me how I feel about turning 40 now?… I’m looking forward to starting the next chapter in my life and excited to continue my clean eating journey for at least another 40 years, Lord willing!

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