Jashon – November

Jashon here; with things just starting out, I would say they’re slow and steady. I have started making good use of my Fitbit and have been reaching step goals more than half of the days since I started with the Fitbit. I have been incorporating a lot more fruits and veggies. Honeycrisp and Lucy Glo apples, Celery, Peppers, Bananas and Strawberries just to name a few. 
A target area for growth would have to be my sleep. Tracking my sleep with my Fitbit I realize that giving myself just enough time to get 7 hours of sleep usually translates to less than 6 hours with all of the tossing and turning and alarm snoozing. A more dedicated approach to waking up in the morning and getting to bed earlier may yield some better energy results.  
Halloween was rough. Too much unfettered access and rampant availability of candy.

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