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Jay Alley – February

February is here and only have a few more Official Months to go, but for me this will continue to be a part of how i eat and view food moving forward.  So i have stayed away from Fast Food and Liquor of any form, eating more Fruits and vegetables.  

I am definitely eating better and the benefits are:

Sleeping better.

Feel better.  I think it also helped when I had the Rona last month.  It was not nearly as bad as last year.  Although was not able to exercise during that 7-8 days.

I need new clothes as old ones are loose.

Even though i have lost somewhere between a carton of Oranges and a carton of Potatoes, i still have more to go.

I have seemed to stall or hit a wall, so i will go back to food logging and see if that helps get me to the next level.

More to come next month.

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