Jeffrey Kleypas – January

The Yoyo

The holidays have come and gone and so has the weight and success.  After a quick start to losing weight through eating clean and building new habits, the holidays kind of through all of that out the window.  January greeted me with a scale heavier than what I had expected and it was disappointing to take a step back from what I had achieved through clean eating.  My family had finally come on board with eating cleaner, yet where were the successes?  Then when going to the grocery store, we found it much harder to source the clean foods we wanted due to all of the COVID shipping and stocking issues.  What gives?  This challenge is becoming more of a challenge as the months add on.  I think I am doing everything right, but not seeing the results.  That plateau and yoyo are real!  I continue to work on changing my habits with the help of both the Clean Eating Challenge and being a member of Noom.  The one thing that definitely stands out, is that eating and exercise habits are hard to break and stick to the new habit goals.  Kids running around wanting junk food, work stresses from unplanned travel and events, and just the daily grind that we are all living right now all play into pushing you back into your old habits.  I’m hoping the yoyo starts its downward trend again very soon.  On the positive side though, I am noticing more energy, lower blood pressure, and just an overall different feeling, even if I can’t see it on the scale or measuring stick.  This is a life long habit change I am working towards with cleaner eating and more movement.  No one said the journey to a better health would be a cake walk.

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