Jihoon – Unexpected Changes

November has been a month of unexpected changes, a journey that has taken me from a casual approach to fitness to a more intentional and purpose driven routine. Increasing the workout frequency, adjusting my eating habits, and embarking on another meaningful trek in the Dominican Republic raising awareness for a cause close to my heart – access to fresh water

At the beginning of November, my exercise routine was one to two workouts per week, often falling victim to chaos of a busy schedule. Looking back at it I realized the impact of regular exercise could have on my overall well-being. Going from one to two soccer pickup games per week to mixing it up with some running, yoga, and strength training. Surprisingly no significant changes in weight, but I feel more energetic, body feels lighter, and mentally sharp

Parallel to my change in exercise, I also started to address my bad eating habits. A major shift by staying conscious to what I eat as knowing is half way. I have noticed I snack way too often after 6pm on comfort foods, not because I am hungry but just for comfort. In the new month I hope to change this to either healthy and wholesome snacks or no snacks at all before bedtime.

One of the highlights of November was parcipating in the annual trek in the Dominican Republic, covering over 42 miles before Thanksgiving. The experience was not only physically challenging but emotionally moving, as I witnessed firsthand the struggles of communities facing water scarcity. This allowed me to connect with nature, fellow participants, and the cause itself.

November of 2023 has been a month of change, marked by commitment to physical well-being, mindful eating, and purposeful action. As we approach the end of the year, I carry with me the lessons learned from this transformative month, grateful for the opportunity to make a positive impact on my own life and contribute to a cause greater than myself. It is a reminder that small changes, both in our personal habits and the choices we make, can lead to significant transformations, not just for ourselves but fort eh world around us.

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