Julissa – Back in the Gym!

I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer, Dec. 2018.  Currently in remission and fully blessed with life.  Blessed with a second chance, I want to take advantage of every educational and motivational resource that will help me live well and feel well.  I love food.  I eat small portions as I get older but have not eliminated anything from my diet.  I am ready to incorporate more fruits and vegetables, restart my physical fitness, and feel great again!  Can’t wait to see the new me in 2024!!!

I am excited about joining the Clean Eating Challenge where I hope to learn how to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into my diet.  I hope to learn how to make fruits and vegetables more appealing and appetizing to me.  I hope to learn how to eat the right portions of fruits and vegetables.  I want to eat “Clean to be “Lean” & “Healthy”.

I am also looking forward to meeting new people, finding out more about the program, and I am curious and anxious to see what it can do for me 😊.

Today is my 1st official day back at the gym.  I’m a member at TruFit.  I love the Group Fitness classes.  I’m undecided between the Steps & Reps and the Total Body Fitness, but I’m leaning towards Steps & Reps to start.  I have my week planned below.


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