Lindsey – Putting $ in Produce

November marks a month of consciously participating in the CEC. I have noticed some positives- I am meal planning and prepping, I am wasting less food, and I have lost a total of 9lbs. Overall, my energy seems to be up. With the end of our busy season at BBP, I am able to play soccer again – and honestly, my inflammation and fatigue seem to be down.

I had a thought yesterday, as I was grocery shopping. First off, I am really concentrating on spending most of my time and dollars in the produce department. I am trying new varieties of familiar favorites and really wanting to be creative on my clean eating journey. Living in Washington, I am always fascinated by the apple varieties that come out of our State. During our last CEC Nutrition call we did touch base on how the changing of the season can impact us. I am feeling that strongly. I am sipping on more coffee, and I am having a hard time spending time outside. As I was shopping, I had a thought in my mind about how our produce is designed. Our apples- our apples grow with the light and warmth of summer, and yet do not reach peak ripeness, and are not ready to harvest until Autumn. This thought gave me reassurance. These fruits and vegetables carry the Summer inside them- the warmth, the energy, and the sunshine. These fruits and vegetables will help me get through the dark months, and hopefully assist in the seasonal depression I undoubtedly go through each fall and winter season.

Luckily, I have a plethora of Winter Squash- working at a Pumpkin and Winter Squash Farm- which like an apple, can inspire me through the winter. I am going to stay focused with that simple thought. Our planet is going to give me the nutrition I need, and I can eat little bits of the summer in the dead of winter. The produce can also still be local, which is a beautiful thing.

Lindsey Lance

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