Lindsey – Spring’s Coming

February- one more month until Spring! I cannot wait- gardening, hiking, and planting season at the farm is my favorite time of year.

This past month has gone by so fast. This may seem off topic but, my cat, Kimchi, who is 14 years old has been diagnosed with diabetes ☹ Everything else seems ok with her, but for some reason she has developed this condition. It may be due to her age. I noticed her losing weight rapidly, and drinking water excessively, so I took her in. I LOVE my cat, to me, she is not just a cat, but my best friend. I want to explore with Kimchi a clean eating kitty food journey too! I have ordered some human grade cat food, and, along with her insulin injections, I want to see what the impact can have on her little kitty soul 😊

Besides my new journey with Kimchi, I am doing well with the CEC. I am enjoying the journey and seeing the results in many aspects of my life. I shared with our team earlier to today-My main goal was not event to lose weight but to be healthier- and I have noticed a HUGE difference with my face- my skin is clearer, and my inflammation seems to be down in my face. Other people have noticed too, and it’s a great reassurance that this program is working.

Also, – my hair growth is out of control. After my last pumpkin season, I did notice some hair loss- I think it was both stress related, and diet related. However, I have new growth without taking anything. My brother-in-law came over for dinner-Delicata Squash, Carrots, Onions, Sweet Potato, Red Peppers, Celery, Mushrooms, ground turkey, and Kidney Beans all in a stew- and he joked “Wow, if Lindsey fed me all the time, I wouldn’t need a multi-vitamin”. That made me feel good 😊

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