Marcia – Walking on Sunshine

I am attempting 5 miles on my daily walk today.  The first few miles were filled with adventure and a big golden sun.   Loads of people went out to play; old people walking, babies in strollers, dogs walking their owners and young loves with a picnic basket and broad smiles.  I strode along, enjoying the sun on my face, and the breeze cooling downing the beaming sun.  There is one sand dune I must navigate at the beginning, it’s a heave ho kind of trudge.  The small wooden poles, placed in the sand, are just a touch too far a part that I strain between each step.  As I near the top, I see an abandoned mountain bike and wonder if the rider has gone to the beach.  

Instead of continuing forward, I turn left and take the bike path.  About 200 yards in front of me is a grandmother with two small children, the youngest is running back and forth, looking at a leaf, a flower, a bottle cap, completely entranced by the magical world beneath his feet.

I pass them and continue down, 3 miles completed, coming towards me is a woman with a beehive the sized of the backup singers from the B52s, she has a scraggly black dog on top of a stroller, a rather ferocious dog on a leash and a surprise dog under veiled silence.  She is weaving back forth, fumbling with a cell phone and a bottle of water.  I zoom past this group of wanderers hoping the condition does not rub off. 

I am now 4 miles in and next there are three bike riders and a racer, they pass by with the racer making his move and passing everyone.  I have made the loop and am on my way back, I pass the benches and the woman from the B52s is seated, staring at her phone.   I pass the 2 tents set up on the other side of the fence and then, bounding up the hill, is a gazelle in white converse. 

It’s 6 miles and my walk is done.

It was a lovely day.

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