Megan – My Why’s

I know the participant information shared (in a super fun way, by the way!) all about me and why I am doing this challenge but I want to make my goals and motivations are even more public to help me stay accountable. This is your opportunity to call me out as needed!

Let’s start with me. I am turning 40 in January. I am not a sensitive age person but my body is telling me things are a-changin’! Little things like an extra slice of pizza or cocktail are catching up physically and mentally like they haven’t in the past. I want to stay physically active and healthy to keep up with my kids and maybe my grandkids 30 years from now. I want to get back to sports I enjoy and not worry about hurting myself. I have back issues that benefit from a consistent, healthy weight and movement. And all of this will make me feel good – and maybe less 40!

I want the first thing I go to, to be produce at every meal and on the go. I know I will feel better because of it. I want to be more creative in the kitchen so I don’t even want the other things. I want to use this challenge to dive back into cooking especially global flavors and cuisines. I can’t think of a better vehicle for flavors and cooking applications than produce.

Professionally I see this as an opportunity to connect with others on a wellness journey in the industry. Additionally, having to write these blog posts and use Slack more are all good for my professional growth. Maybe CEC will get me to take an extra walk during Southern Exposure or have an extra glass of water on my next flight or, most importantly, make sure every single meal and snack includes produce. I already know I am not in this alone with CEC Team M&M cheering me on!

Speaking of not being alone, I find that so much of what I do now revolves around my family. I want to lead by example in all things and most especially being healthy. I want my kids to know where their food comes from and how it effects their body. I want them to know we are intentional about taking walks after dinner. I am so thrilled for another reason to let them pick anything they want for the produce department and figure out a way to cook it at home. The CEC will always be front and center as I work through the next few months and I am excited to be a participant!

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