Megan – The Big One

Well here we are in January 2024 and that means it’s here – I’m 40 this month! This milestone overlapping with the CEC and the New Year has me thinking about so many goals. For this blog I am going to break it into mind, body and spirit.

I thought I would be a bit more cool about the 40 milestone but I am thinking maybe I am not. It’s like I know it is just a number and I have so much to be grateful for but really, I’m already 40? I am so happy to have a career that keeps my mind sharp every day. I am looking at a couple graduate level certificates I hope to pursue later this year. I am also trying to set reading goals – like for fun! This overlaps with spirit some but also considering more about planning for 50 and 60 and beyond so making more time for a financial planner (and their advice) is high on the list this year!

As for body, I do have to say I have not been overly strict but just the ongoing reminder about eating more produce, moving and trying to be healthier overall, I am pretty happy with where I am, even after the holidays. I have a few more pounds to shed but I am really thinking about what to do to be stronger this year. Maybe that means different yoga classes or more weights and less cardio. I’m not sure yet but a lot to learn to make that happen! I am so grateful to my healthful body that allows me to move and enjoy so many physical activities and the metabolism to still have a treat now and then!

As for spirit, I am trying to embrace this milestone! I am going to be more present this year. With time moving so quickly, I am getting a bit more sentimental about focused time with my kids and parents and friends. I am also being more mindful about how I am spending my time. For the first time ever I placed my vacation time on the calendar before my work travel. I have some real fun to look forward to and the work travel is a great supplement to those places too.

Onward into this 40th year being more present, mindful and grateful encompassing my mind, body and spirit! 

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