Oscar – Time Flies By

Here goes, December fly by! Lots going on with work / weather / Health . December is typically busy for me with our Texas grown items & not to mention all the holiday party’s you just can’t miss out on -_-. with that said CEC Challege in mind as of November I tried to avoid or fast thru the holidays & only eat one big meal with snacks & seeds if I just couldn’t hack it! As I was stepping into December with all the motivation from November’s success, I got sick covid/Flu this slowed down my process when if came to my daily diet and exercise regimen. 2 weeks out but there is something positive, I lost weight lol. obviously not the best way but ill take the W’s where I can. Having said this, the time that I was back on track I did full fill the daily fruits & while I was sick, I did eat mainly soups which ironically (I am not fan of them) & the company I work for grows most of those items. So I’ve found vegetable soups to be extremely helpful & chicken Brooth for protein!  for immune health I did lots of natural fresh squeeze orange / Grape fruit which is grown in my backyard super helpful, next up I will be exploring local honey for that famous seasonal allergy.

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