Patrick – Why I’m Participating

18 months ago, I started on a journey of Jiu Jitsu that has been challenging to the mind and body! 3-5 days per week of drilling, rolling, exercising and getting choked out…literally! But, let’s take a step back before the 18 months. I was 36 years old and quit working out almost 10 years before that and got into the life of busy dad, business-man and spouse. Well, that included the intake of food into my body as well!!! Now, I am different to say the least, with a high metabolism, I can eat anything and everything that I want without gaining weight. I realized very fast that I might look alright on the outside, but what do I look like on the inside?

Once I started Jiu Jitsu and was bitten by it. I started to look at things a little bit different. I started doing research on what fruits and veggies I can eat to increase abdominal strength and help with recovery! While my team mates were drinking energy drinks, recovery shakes I went to fresh produce! I started to realized that if I increase my daily does of fresh fruits and veggies with every meal, I would be in better shape than they guy eating McDonalds after class.

This challenge for me is to create a healthier lifestyle, while traveling on this journey of Jiu Jitsu training the mind and body. I look to brining 50% of my plate up to fruits and veggies with each meal even when traveling and when times get hectic.

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