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It’s been too long since my last update and many things have happened.  I’ve kept the Clean Eating Challenge mindset looking for improvements in my own choices and behaviors.

In early December, my horse was diagnosed with gastric ulcers that was confirmed by scoping his stomach with a camera.  He had to fast prior to the procedure which is tough for a grazing animal as they make continuous stomach acid compared to humans that make stomach acid when they are about to eat.  When he began eating again (after the scope) he was very sick, and it took 4 vets over the course of a week to figure out what was happening and what to do about it.  This horse was laying in his stall like a pancake in too much stomach pain to get up.  So why am I sharing this?  The fix ended up being pre and pro biotics, psyllium, and other gut health supplements.  This tied back to our December call regarding gut health.  I figured while treating this horse for ulcers and gut health I would incorporate some of the ideas learned on the CEC call.  I’ve incorporated kimchi, sour kraut, apple cider vinegar, and yogurt into my diet.  I do feel less bloated and overall better.  It’s been kind of fun to work on this for both of us.  The downside is the amount of time taken to care for the horse and the usual demands of work, family and holidays has impacted my exercise goals.  Going forward I want to get more intentional with consistent exercise and continue to make lifestyle improvements.

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