Susan – Prioritizing Myself

Hello, my name is Susan Noritake.

I joined the Clean Eating Challenge to help me improve my health.  Over several years, raising a family and working in the awesome and dynamic produce industry I found I was not prioritizing myself.  I’ve been trying to get “everything” done and then get a walk in or plan healthy meals that never really materialized.  Additionally, I lost my way on what healthy eating is with so many fad diets demonizing all kinds of food from grains, oils, fruit and now even veggies according to the carnivore diet.  Having the registered dietitian guiding is so great.  I love the accountability and support of the team.  It’s even better that everyone can appreciate the work demands of the industry and even offer tidbits of advice on ways to navigate.  One great suggestion is to walk while on conference calls that seem to have increased in numbers since Covid.

Some things I’ve identified so far to work on is portion size.  Even with healthy choices too large of portions will stop my weight loss goals.  Bloodwork identified borderline cholesterol issues that my doctor is giving me 3 months to figure out on my own before prescribing medication.  That is definitely another motivator.  Some travel hacks I’ve discovered is keeping an apple or orange in my bag comes in handy for long flights.  Airports like LAX have some good salad options.  They are huge so being mindful of portion is important.  For the social part I’ve been subbing in soda water for wine on some occasions that worked really during IFPA.

I’m learning a lot about myself and my habits.  I’m motivated to keep going on with the journey.  I’m not always perfect and being kind and understanding with myself is important.  Progress over perfection.



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