T.J. Rahll – January

The Holiday Blues and New Years Resolutions                

I fell off the clean eating wagon around the holidays…Well, I didn’t really fall off, initially I stepped off gently, but eventually left the wagon in the dust for a few days. 

Sweets have never really been my issue. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy a piece of cake or some ice cream, it is just far easier for me eat sweets in moderation than other things. That all changes when Christmas cookies come into the picture. In past years I have made cookie monster look like a picky eater, this year my plan was to just casually indulge. As I have mentioned before, my goal in this was not to deprive myself of the things I like to eat, but to cut back significantly and make them the exception and not the rule. I thought I would be a miserable person around the holidays without cookies, as I would soon find out, I was a miserable person because of them. 

As I have shared before, my reasons for joining the Clean Eating Challenge were as much if not more related to my mental health as they were my physical health. Through 5-6 weeks of clean eating, I was beginning to see vast improvements in my mental clarity, I was less anxious, less moody, and it was easier for me to focus. After just a few days of straying, that regressed dramatically. I became very anxious and the cravings for sugar were incomparable to any I had before. My mind was again wandering beyond control and my mood was swinging wrecking ball. Luckily, I was able to recognize the issue and get back on track, but it was very eye opening how quickly some foods can take a hold of you. Sadly, it makes me think of years of consistently eating these foods and the toll they took on my mind and body. 

Back on the wagon, it was time to turn my attention to the new year. I am a self-improvement junkie so every year I create a seemingly endless list of resolutions. Usually, I only knock out a couple, but a win is a win. I thought this would be a good time to share a few. 

  1. Take time for myself daily, weekly, etc… – Like many of us, work and family can take over my life and more recently has been leading to frequent burnouts. In 2022 I am vowing to meditate daily, find something to do by myself weekly (driving range, movies, etc…) and to take a day for myself once a month. Ok, a whole day once a month likely won’t happen, but a half day to go fishing and clear my head isn’t too unrealistic, right? 
  2. Unplug and Be Present- I am no exception to the addiction to electronics and often catch myself staring at a device when I should be focusing on my family or spending hours binge watching the newest hit. In 2022 I am going to take some time off from social media, limit myself to one show at a time, and leave the phone in another room during family time. 
  3. Continue what I have started! The goal was never for healthy eating to end when the challenge ends. I want to continue to stay the course, alter my diet as needed, and influence my family and others to eat more fresh foods! 

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